39 Years of Galas, Glamour and Giving


Academy of Friends has evolved over the past 39 years. Soon after the onset of the HIV epidemic, we dedicated ourselves to the mission of easing the burden of the disease through fun and fund raising for direct care. The agencies we support provide direct care, education and support for those at risk for or living with HIV/AIDS - from policy and advocacy to prevention and treatment to youth and senior services, Academy of Friends has been on the front line.

As the pandemic grew, thus did our scope; to help “…where the need is greatest, until the crisis has passed.” It has changed, but it is not over. We have raised over $8.9 Million in support of more than 73 HIV/AIDS service organizations in the Bay Area. We are a trusted and knowledgable source for allocating charitable funds. Please join us for our annual Academy Awards Night Gala

Please join us and make a difference.