Our vision is to be an exemplary model of volunteerism and fundraising that has a significant impact in the lives of those affected by HIV/AIDS, until the epidemic has passed.

Our Mission

Academy of Friends annually produces the premiere Academy Awards Night Charity Gala as the centerpiece of its efforts to raise funds, award donations, and encourage volunteerism that benefit a diverse set of HIV/AIDS direct care and prevention education agencies in the San Francisco Bay Area. Academy of Friends is a credible steward through which individual donors and corporations contribute to such agencies. These beneficiary agencies receive funds based on their proven ability to reach, meet the needs of, and have the greatest impact on those most affected by HIV/AIDS.

As an exemplary model of volunteerism and fundraising, Academy of Friends engages and includes an ever-widening circle of friends, and makes on a concerted effort to expand its reach and diversity, increasing broader community awareness of and financial support for those affected by HIV/AIDS. The financial support to those affected is indirect - we are supporting the agencies, which in turn may or may not provide direct financial support.

History and Key Facts

Academy of Friends was founded in 1980 by Kile Ozier as a small, private Oscar Night party – twenty-five friends, some great food, lots of champagne, and plenty of glamour. Over subsequent years, the party became an HIV/AIDS fundraiser, a reaction to the toll HIV was taking on the local community. Today, AOF is one of the largest contributors to HIV/AIDS services organizations in the Bay Area. Through the generosity of individual underwriters, gala ticket buyers, volunteers, and corporate donors, Academy of Friends supports the vital work of organizations providing critical services to those living with HIV and AIDS. The Academy of Friends Academy Awards® Night Gala is the crown jewel of our fundraising efforts. Each year, our guests are treated to gourmet food and wine provided by the Bay Area’s finest restaurants, caterers and vintners, while enjoying the excitement of the annual Academy Awards broadcast. To date, Academy of Friends has distributed over $8.9 million to more than 74 HIV/AIDS direct care and educational service agencies in the San Francisco Bay Area.

As we celebrate our 38th year, we cordially invite you to join us in our fundraising efforts at our Academy Awards Night Gala on March 4th, 2018.

Our Values

  • Creativity: Producing innovative and exciting events, AOF finds new ways of engaging friends to help those in need.
  • Volunteerism: We value the contributions of each volunteer, and recognize that we could not exist without them.
  • Respect: Holding our constituents in high regard, we honor the dignity of each individual, and fight for those who might otherwise be left behind.
  • Philanthropy: Funding the frontline against HIV/AIDS, we support those direct care and prevention education agencies throughout the Bay Area who are in greatest need.
  • Partnership: Harnessing the energy and enthusiasm of many, AOF and our beneficiaries grow ever stronger through donation, volunteering, and charity of supporters. Forging mutually beneficial relationships is a cornerstone of this organization.
  • Diversity: Mirroring the population we serve, AOF strives to include members of every unique community. This is reflected in our beneficiary selection, event production, and organizational leadership.
  • Integrity: Following this set of guiding principles, AOF works toward a common purpose, matching our actions to our aspirations.